Jagu’s provides a truly authentic Indian catering service like no other.  We endeavour to give you a range of Gujarati, Punjabi & South Indian dishes...deliciously made to order.

Jagu's is a new and exciting concept in desi-style home catering, providing food for any occasion including weddings, birthdays, dinner parties, religious events, sports days, corporate affairs and now we have introduced a range of marinades for BBQ cooking.  In fact whatever the occasion, Jagu's aims to create the perfect food to match your special day.  We deliver a personal, yet professional service, right through from discussing your order to providing delicious food that you and your guests will remember.

To achieve this Jagu's uses only the finest ingredients, high quality products and Chef Jagu's culinary secrets.  This ensures our dishes are tasty and fresh nutritious.  But do not take our word for it, try our food yourself and find out what the buzz is all about.    

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Barcode or someone write it as “Bar Code” is machine or computer readable character. Barcode normally will be printed with dark color on bright surface to create reflection effect in order to be converted to 1 and 0 for computer. 1D barcode which invented initially with line and space to form alphanumeric character. Due to the demand of storing more data in smaller space, 2D barcode invented to handle the demand. With the invented of barcode, reading of data by computer now become faster compare with last time and the accuracy for data entry is improving. In South East Asia, especially in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and other country, implementing of barcoding system in the production line, retail line, transportation, warehousing and so on have been widely encourage by government and private sector. As a solution provider in barcode technologies, getfeet is trying to provide the best solution for it clients.


1D code 128

2D QR code

2D pdf 417


POS Solution

Getfeet provides to you various type of Point of Sales POS hardware device. Include Cash drawer, customer display, programmable keyboard, magnetic card reader, thermal and dot matrix receipt printer and so on. We distribute brand like Samsung SRP275, SRP350, Epson TM88, TM220, beiyang BTP 2002 and other. Visit our products list for more info.



Loyalty and Royalty Program, reward program, bonus point program with loyalty or royalty card.

Getfeet mission is to provide you the complete solution for loyalty and royalty program solution in Malaysia and Singapore. Point collection, discount card, VIP card, Privilege Card, gold card, silver card, platinum card and so on. With personalized, without personalized. Card with magnetic stripe, with barcode, with contact chip, with contactless card, touch and go card is commonly selected by most of the retailer. Getfeet provide you with card printing machine, card reading machine, printing material, training and consultation in order for you to start your own reward program.

Start your own loyalty and royalty program, check with Getfeet before you do it.

click here-more info about evolis pebble3 and pebble4 printer

Pebble manual double sided printer

for info about dualys3 printer

Dualys automatic double sided printer



Door Access and Time Recorder System

We have pre-configured solution packages for your convenient to purchase. Equipments can also be selected individually to meet the customized requirement of bigger projects mainly in Malaysia.

RAC-800/900 Full Function Access Controller

Dual function for Access Control and Basic Time & Attendance

Standalone/network operation, expandable to 255 sets

Memory capacity 4,096 cardholders / 2,048 events

Swipe card, pin code or card + pin code access mode (Door IN), slave reader or exit button (Door OUT)

Duress card, duress code, secret duress alarm

Security function to activate or deactivate all or selected sensors (RAC-900)

Independent 3 sensor inputs for RAC-800; 8 sensor inputs and 4 relay outputs for RAC-900

Able to connect external slave reader

Able to connect dial-up modem for real time alarm notification to headquarters or to control center

8 time schedules for RAC-800/900 & 60 holiday schedule for RAC-900

Limitation of unsuccessful swipe card attempts for RAC-900

Audio tone: standard, independently controllable for RAC-900

Anti pass back for RAC-900

90% memory full warning

RTC (Real Time Clock) ensures accurate time regardless power outages

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News—Manufacturer recommendation Electromagnetic Lock EM Lock

Local made EM Lock direct from factory busted our installation case. Our expertise in magnetic products build us a very strong EM Lock up to 600lbs. Anti rust metal for outer casing make the EM Lock suitable for open air environment. Build in green and red LED indicator make the lock status able to be seen from inside or outside the door.





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